Personal Transformation

for executives, creatives, and on-air personalities

In your transformation session, we’ll explore the fundamental principles at play in creating our experience. Understanding these principles through insight enables an entirely new perspective that leads to success with ease and clarity.


The Power of Perspective opens us up to transformative insights.


One new thought - an insight - can give you perspective, clarity, and understanding; freeing up space for new ideas and new possibilities! 

Benefits sparked by personal transformation sessions include:

  • Clarity on direction and goals

  • Problem-solving ideas

  • Higher productivity

  • Less stress and reactive behavior

  • Better communication and connection with others

  • More ease and flow

A fixed mindset limits our potential, and a growth mindset gives us access to higher intelligence. In our engagement, I'll guide and facilitate access to your innate power and wisdom to create, innovate, and transform.

Unleash your creativity, innovation, and transformative power!

The Power of Your Mind

We typically go through life making assumptions and creating a story that colors what actually happens.

"Why doesn't my boss like my ideas? I don't think she values my talent. I don’t have what it takes."

Some version of this narrative runs inside our heads all the time and it's not difficult to see how this can impact how we live our lives.

The view formed by the thinking we entertain shapes our experience. To realize our Power of Perspective shifts the view we hold to a more open-minded, big-picture panorama, that invites new and fresh thinking.

Wider Perspective + New Thinking = Transformation!

Our mental and emotional processes generate our experience moment to moment.

Our mental and emotional processes generate our experience moment to moment.

When life becomes a serious affair, stressful, worrisome - in other words: a struggle - we're caught in the web of a dream made of our thinking.

Waking up to the fact that we feel our thinking gives us perspective and a clearer understanding of life.

We can go through life without realizing our experience is a product of our thinking process; the stories we make up about ourselves, others, and the world.

Our thoughts, like life, are a constant flow which naturally runs when we don't obstruct it by overthinking and overanalyzing. 

In a transformation session, we tap into our natural source of power where clarity and wisdom are always present.

When we realize and live from our true nature, we find that what we've been chasing outside ourselves has always been available to us - inside. 

Authenticity, motivation, and success come from the inside out.




I have known of Fernando for years from working in the entertainment industry, however getting to know him these past few months as a coach has been a God-send.
Recently, I have felt a bit lost both in my life and professionally, questioning my life purpose. He introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space. Through his keen listening, he would guide me to helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder.
I am looking forward to continuing my coaching with him as my life unfolds into another chapter that I eagerly await. I may not know where my journey will lead me to but with Fernando’s coaching I know I’ll end up exactly where I need to be.
— Maria G. Castellón | Marketing Specialist, Rockera Enterprises
No matter how good you are, he’s going to find something better that you didn’t know you had.
Fernando is a good mentor, friend, and person!
— Beto Najera | On-Air Personality
Fernando is a great listener. And he always knows the right things to say so that all of a sudden life looks different. How he does it? I don`t know - but it is tremendously helpful!
— Verena Debnar | Germany
Fernando is all heart, soul, and mind. Fernando is a winner, a successful human being. His examples and teachings have been super handy inner tools to reach my personal and professional goals. This is only the beginning of many coaching sessions!
— JJ Ayala | Entrepreneur
I had never felt the need to work with a life coach before, I honestly thought it was something rich people did. After my first conversation with Fernando, I not only knew I wanted to do it again, I wished it was something everybody did.
— Eder Díaz | Producer & On-Air Personality