Unleash your creativity, innovation, and transformative power.

For twenty years, I worked in Radio as a content and programming leader. Over my career, I've realized that while sound strategies to reach an objective serve an important purpose, real impact comes by getting more out of ourselves through insight and transformation.

In 2017, I established my private practice to serve individuals and organizations unleash their creativity, innovation, and transformative power to fulfill their potential.

See below to learn about my services:

Transformative Coaching for executives, creatives, and on-air personalities.

Transformative Consulting for innovation in media and entertainment.



The Power of Perspective model for coaching and consulting I've developed is based on fundamental principles of creativity and innovation. In our engagement, I'll facilitate access to the innate power and wisdom we all possess to create, innovate and transform.

The Power of Perspective model designed to access our innate power and wisdom to unleash creativity, innovation and transformation.

The shift generated by The Power of Perspective will bring to light transformative insights resulting in success, outstanding performance, and well-being.


Transformative Coaching 

for Executives, Creatives, and On-Air Personalities

  • Do you want to access more creativity and get things done without stress?

  • Do you want to live in authenticity with creative freedom and peace of mind?

A clear understanding of how the mind works put us in touch with our innate power and peace of mind giving us full access to unlimited creativity, innovation, and transformation.

Misunderstanding and misuse of our mind is the only source of stress and unhappiness limiting our capacity for living life fully. Authenticity, motivation, and success come from having clarity of mind, which we can call well-being.


Transformative Consulting

for Innovation in Media and Entertainment Organizations

  • Are you looking to grow your brand and audience?

  • Do you want to innovate and expand in the digital space?

Through a collaborative engagement, your team and I will dive deep into the foundational principles behind creativity, teamwork, and results - enabling key insights for the development and execution of a successful content strategy. 

The traditional consulting model of static strategic recommendations is limited. In our engagement, we'll go beyond analysis and brainstorming into a deeper understanding of the mind to bring about true innovation and transformation.  


Companies and Shows I've Worked With

Proven Transformative Results

  • Univision Communications

  • CBS Radio

  • Spanish Broadcasting System

  • Radio One

  • Entravision Communications

  • El Show de Piolín

  • El Show de Omar y Argelia

  • El Bueno, La Mala, y El Feo

  • Lotus Communications

  • mitú


I am a certified transformative coach and consultant with over twenty years of experience working with media professionals and leading companies serving Hispanic audiences in the United States. My passion is unleashing creativity, innovation, and transformation for individuals and organizations in media and entertainment.

Radio Career

As a former vice president of content at Univision Radio, I led content strategies for 20 stations across America from Los Angeles to New York City. I've held various programming and operations roles for companies such as CBS Radio, Spanish Broadcasting System, Radio One and Entravision. 

Throughout my career, I’ve been known to apply creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership to improve team performance and grow market share.

Education and Training

I am an alum of Harvard Business School having completed HBS's version of an executive MBA - Program for Leadership Development (PLD) along with The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports (BEMS), Launching New Ventures (LNV), and Creating Shared Value (CSV).

I am certified as a transformative coach by Michael Neill's coaching academy and took part in Martha Beck’s life coach training program. 

In addition, I am certified in general management and digital and technology management by USC Marshall School of Business.

My Journey

On my 36th birthday, I realized I had accomplished all the personal and professional goals I'd set to that point, yet I wasn't fulfilled. I had reached the top of my profession, lived happily with the love of my life, and had traveled around the world - everything I had dreamed of. But there was something missing...

I realized that no matter what I had accomplished thus far I was not truly successful. I was still dissatisfied and had to make a change!

In late 2016 I left behind my corporate career and put a break on the routine I was living in. I embarked on a deeply introspective journey and exploratory phase of my existence to find out what it I was that I was missing.

Two years of studies of wisdom traditions and contemplation led me to a series of profound insights that helped me gain a deeper understanding of the mind and its implications on creativity, transformation and the true source of wellbeing.

In 2017, I launched my coaching and consulting practice to share with others what I now know to be true.  I now serve various companies and media professionals unleash their creativity, innovation and transformative power for growth and success originating from wellbeing and harmony.

My life journey has been one of wonder, exploration, learning, growth, friendship, love, work, and fun. I am grateful for the opportunities life has brought my way and there's nothing I appreciate more than sharing what I know and learning with others.

Thank you for your interest and for making it this far on my page. I look forward to working with you and having fun in this great Game of Life!


Awards and Recognitions

Radio Ink's Best Program Directors in America in 2008 and 2013.

Program Director of the Year by Monitor Latino in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015.