Personal Productivity and Creativity Program

A research project to positively impact your organization and the world

What if a new and simple understanding of how the mind works could help your organization's employees not only experience less overwhelm and burnout at work but would also increase their level of creativity, productivity, innovation and peace of mind on and off work? What if – without having to adopt rigorous techniques or practices – your team could fall more deeply in love with your organization's mission and purpose and get more done?

There are many documented peer-assessed research studies that show how developing a better understanding of the paradigm we teach, which explores state of mind, has measurable and significant effects on reducing stress and anxiety, increasing productivity and overall wellbeing (with all the lifestyle and professional effects that come with those improvements).

We are a group of five Transformative Coaches studying for an advanced certification. We were given an assignment to 'positively impact the world,' and we want to start with your organization: to help your team experience more productivity and creativity and job satisfaction, with less 'busyness' and overwhelm. We are conducting this assignment as a research project with the outcome of positively impacting the lives of individuals in your organization through exploring what's possible with a new understanding of how the mind works.

When we take the pressure off ourselves to produce results at any cost, and instead rest in our innate well-being, enjoying our life, following our wisdom, and looking within for a deeper understanding of how it all works, things often seem to unfold more beautifully that we could ever have imagined.
— Michael Neill, internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author.

Expected Results

Through the program, we expect – and indeed, we would like to track and measure: reduced stress and increased productivity.

Other expected benefits:

  • Reduced experience of overwhelm, both at work and in other parts of life
  • Increased energy
  • Increased overall feeling of well-being, optimism, clarity and connection
  • Increased engagement and synergy at work and in other parts of life
  • A sense of fun and lightness to create and get more done

How It Could Work


We want to co-create something with you that meets your needs, and that fits with the time available. However, here's our recommended structure for the program and the methodology:

Participants of the study will be taken through an 8-week, online, program consisting of short weekly videos, attending a weekly online group training session, and participating in two (2) one on one coaching sessions which can be about anything in their personal or professional life. We will measure the program’s impact on participants' mental state and happiness qualitatively, through short surveys.