Transformation for Media and Entertainment Businesses

through Innovation and Creativity

In our engagement, rather than focusing on problem-analysis, your team and I will work collaboratively on uncovering stronger and better possibilities and how to bring them about. I'll facilitate access to the innate power and wisdom we all possess to innovate for audience and revenue growth.

My consulting engagements start with getting to know you and your team. Exploring together the principles behind creativity, teamwork, and results set the foundation for a clear understanding of your objectives and current challenges and how to transform opportunities into a reality.

Discovering key insights unleashes the creative engine of the entire team - promoting collaboration in designing and implementing a new strategic direction. This collaborative approach sets the tone for effective execution of significant content innovation initiatives and rallies the team behind them.


The Power of Perspective opens us up to transformative insights.

One of the keys to creating a winning content offering is to know your audience and their needs and expectations. Insight and a deeper understanding of who your audience is and how to best serve it innovatively naturally results in higher engagement and growth. These insights can come from anybody on the team; therefore, setting the right environment for creativity through openness is essential.

My priority is to do the work that will get you results. I do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. My mission is to help your team think more creatively and productively for your product to perform at its best for audience and revenue growth. Let's connect and explore together what's possible.


  • Content Strategy Innovation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Hispanic Media

  • Spanish-language Radio Programming

  • Coaching for Creatives and Talent

  • Creativity and Branding

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Audience, Music, and Content Research



At Univision, I set forth a new content management structure and processes, which, coupled with strategic programming and marketing initiatives, led the stations to historic ratings successes. In Los Angeles, the 3 FM stations achieved a combined 12% share in the key, 18-49 adults audience ranking 1, 2, and 3 in the Spanish-language market for the first time in the history of the cluster. The Regional Mexican formatted stations ranked #1 in their format or Spanish-language market in 13 of 15 markets.

CBS Radio's KLOL listening audience share with adults 18-49 grew over 20%. The station ranked top 5 in the general market with adults 18-34 and 18-49. The audience was energized and engaged through the implementation of an extensive events and grassroots marketing strategy that included private concerts with format superstars, Juanes, and Prince Royce.

Companies and Shows I've worked with:

  • Univision Communications

  • CBS Radio

  • Spanish Broadcasting System

  • Radio One

  • Entravision Communications

  • El Show de Piolín

  • El Show de Omar y Argelia

  • El Bueno, La Mala, y El Feo

  • Lotus Communications

  • mitú

Realizing the source of our experience and point of view frees up space for insight and new possibilities!





Fernando Perez and I worked together for a number of years in the Spanish-language radio business. Fernando was instrumental in much of the success which our company and I enjoyed over those years.
Fernando Perez is special. When one reads testimonials about the skills and abilities of their subjects, they often hear about vast experience and attention to detail. About hard work and superior skills. Fernando has all of these attributes. But Fernando brings much more to his work efforts and to his performance. Fernando always gives extra effort, always spends more time and always analyzes more deeply, to fully understand the issues at hand. He does this so that he can have the best possible answer and the best possible recommendation for moving forward.
Additionally, Fernando has a human approach. Fernando takes the time to consider the impact his decisions will have on his partners and his employees. Finally, Fernando takes the time to connect with his teammates on a one-to-one basis, fully explaining the plan and his expectations.
Fernando Perez is one of the most accomplished and successful people I have worked with in the radio business. Fernando will continue to be successful wherever he focuses his efforts and skills going forward.
— Peter Moore | Former SVP/Regional Manager, Univision
I found Fernando to be extremely gifted in format and listener analysis. He was also very insightful with creative possibilites for each of our formats to strenghen brand imaging and increase the listener’s positive experience with the station.
His solid programming background coupled with his pleasant personality made working with Fernando a rewarding experience.
— Tony Perlongo | General Manager, Radio
Fernando is one of the very few radio programmers around who can claim ratings success in both the paper diary-recall format, and with new electronic ratings measurement.
Aside from being one of the best human beings in the business, his quest for knowledge beyond the borders of the radio business round out the package, giving him a business knowledge edge beyond the typical dimensions of a radio professional. Fernando is someone I would work together with again in a heartbeat.
— Haz Montana | Radio Content Executive