We Only Have One Job!

What if we only had one job to do at any moment? Only one task in our to-do list, always in front of us. And we don't have to remember to do it because we're in it!


Here's the good news: we only have one job to do! That's to be and respond to what's in front of us in the now. The intelligence of the universe has placed us in our current experience as part of its eternal evolution. We can always only find ourselves in the here and now. But we can miss this simple fact when we're caught in our thoughts.


We don't need to figure out how this universal intelligence does what it does, but we can be available for it because we are it as well! We are this intelligence manifesting in human form and having inspirations and drives to go in a certain direction. To go on doing what it's doing - constantly creating. Always in the now.


This realization brings freedom. We only have one job to do - there is only one now. No more. Our only job is to be and from being responding to what's in front of us now.  


We can only ever do what we're doing now! We can never do something in the future or do something in the past. Planning and dreaming of the future can be done if that what the moment calls for. But we don't need to get carried away by the thoughts that want to predict all potential futures. We take into account possibilities, we draft our plan and do our next job, which is the same job: respond to what there is to do or not to do in the now following the intelligence behind the universe.


The past and the future are only thoughts. We live in the eternal now. We only have one job, yet we complicate our existence by adding all sorts of jobs to our to-do list. We think we have to figure out the past and what it's causing today. We sometimes have the impression we shouldn't be where we are now, that we should be in some future we dream up - doing a different job. Therefore missing our only job - to respond to the now.


When we're in a simple misunderstanding we go on creating multiple jobs that only overwhelm us. The misunderstanding is we think we need to do the jobs of the universal intelligence. The job of creating everything that's going, to changing the present if we don't like it and create the future now so we can be there in our ideal state.


The future is now - we can plan everything we want, dream of possible futures. But why postpone our happiness? When we keep to our only job we stay in the now. Let's be here now, aware of the universal intelligence and available for it to guide us to respond in the moment.  We only have one job - to be. Being aware we're here, we're now, it's all OK. We're happy!

Fernando Perez