Putting an End to Personal Development Work!

Personal development is a fun game to play - until it’s not - when it gets personal.

How many times have you felt like all you needed to feel great about yourself was to learn a new skill or conquer a goal? Only to realize that once you’ve mastered the skill or attained the goal there was a new skill or goal that was needed for you to feel complete. The feeling of accomplishment either lasted seconds or wasn’t even there because you were on to the next thing.

I’ve been there. That’s why I’m now putting an end to personal development work and moving towards impersonal envelopment.

I’m not by any means stopping myself from learning anything I’d like to learn or going for some goal or project I’d like to create, but I’m not taking it personal anymore. Taking it personal means making the destination more important than the journey and attaching a meaning to attaining or not attaining what “I” want.

Impersonal envelopment is allowing myself to enjoy the impersonal in me. Loving my universality, my ordinariness, what I have in common with every human in this planet.

Do I want to waste energy developing the me that always wants more or do I want to enjoy my being in this moment, the only moment that truly exists?

I choose the impersonal… bask in the delight of being - doing what feels natural. Enjoying being with others and being of service, exploring this mystery we call life.

Life is not personal, it does what it does however it does it - why should I take “my life” personally and work on developing what actually envelops ‘me’?!

Fernando Perez