Accountability: Unexpected Freedom

In business accountability is everything. If you’re a leader you’ve probably made everyone on your team accountable for their specific task and goals. Accountability applies to the leader as well who is expected to set priorities and help employees and clients reach their objectives.


It’s easy to understand how clear accountability helps a business run smoothly, but on a personal level do you know who or what is accountable for your experience of life? Are external events such as business and economic cycles, “difficult” people, or a personal issue in your life accountable for how you show up in the world, how you respond and how you live your life?



What I’ve discovered is that ultimate accountability of our experience of life is ours to own in its totality. Yes, 100% of our experience of life, circumstances and other people is our personal accountability. When we understand that our experience of life is always generated by our thinking moment to moment and not by our circumstances we see where accountability lies – always ours, always internal and not external.


Suppose you lose your job in a round of layoffs in the company you work for– upon hearing the news you feel scared for your financial future and sad for your company’s decision to part ways. Your colleague from the same department also lost her job and when she finds you in the parking lot she tells you she feels hopeful for a brighter future and that she’s actually looking forward to getting a break to figure out what she really wants to do next. Same circumstance, same event, yet both of you had a different experience – some may call the factor making the difference in experience attitude. If so, where does attitude come from or what forms it? Our thinking in the moment does.


Our thinking is responsible for our attitude. Our thinking therefore is responsible for our experience of circumstances and other people 100% of the time, no exception. As we see this for ourselves we understand we’ve been accountable for our experience all throughout our lives. Other people or life circumstances are not responsible for our feelings. The accountability is on us! This may sound radical at first, but once it’s realized and verified in our experience we find it gives us great freedom. We no longer have to change the world or other people in order to be at peace, feel at ease, be ourselves, be free.


Accountability is the ultimate freedom! Yes, we are accountable for our experience of the world. We’ve been sold a disempowering model which tells us the world “out there” is what we’re feeling and experiencing. When we insightfully look at our actual experience and realize thought is what generates our feelings our life shifts from an outside-in to an inside-out perspective. The more we look from the inside-out the more insights we have on the truth of our experience.


The more we see our experience is created via thought moment to moment the more access we have to our true nature and its implications. Our true nature is clarity and peace – we have unlimited access to the wisdom available to live a richer and happier life when we understand where accountability for our experience lies – inside ourselves. Realizing our accountability we are free to live a better life.

Fernando Perez